Explore the beauty of Resin Art through this workshop! Make your own galaxy-themed chair top, resin trinket tray, resin earth plates or UV keychain charm!

Choose between crafting your very own

  • Galaxy Chair Top (2-day Workshop)
  • Fun Trinket Tray  / Earth Plate (2-day Workshop)
  • UV Charm Keychain (3-hour Workshop)

Unleash your creativity with stylistic creations during the Resin Art Workshop! A unique art form if you’re looking for something to try. Suitable for beginners!

A 3-hour or 2-day workshop where you’ll learn all about resin art! Learn the introduction of resin art, the techniques needed to create your own resin art to your liking!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today! For more information on booking, quotation or any queries about the workshop, do fill in the contact form below or contact us at 6355 0329/ 8150 8866 to speak to the EPIC Workshops team and we’ll get back to you shortly.


Workshop Booking and Enquiry


For more information, please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or just send us a message through the form provided. We will get back to your enquiry immediately.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Learn the basics : At EPIC Workshops’ Resin Art Workshop Session, you will be learning how to create your own resin product!
    • Experince yourself: Experience the combination of colours and be mesmerised at your own creative works!
    What to Expect
    Gain hands-on experience in resin art!  You will be introduced to the basics of resin art and learn unique techniques that are necessary to raise your resin art craft to a whole new level!
    Why Us?
    EPIC Workshops’ Resin Art is beginner friendly!
    Where will EPIC Workshops (Resin Art Workshop) be held?
    We conduct our workshops at your very own venue of choice. We also conduct EPIC Workshops at our headquarters at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, Mapex Building!
    How many days in advance do I have to book?
    To give us ample time to prepare the materials and resources for the Epic Workshops, it is best to arrange a booking with us 2 weeks in advance! However we will try to accommodate to any last minute enquiries.
    Basic Resin Product Care
    Will be shared during the workshop session itself!
    Our Rates
    Our workshops are charged based on the number of attendees. Please let us know the number of pax, and we’ll be able to give you the best value-added quotation! Write to us with the following information for us to best quote:

    • Number of Pax
    • Workshop Name (Resin Art Workshop)
    • Venue: your choice/our studio
    • Date of EPIC workshop