Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming Singapore - Unique experiences for corporate clients, parent-child bonding, events and parties!

Have you ever wondered how artists create their flawless art pieces?

Art Jamming Singapore by Epic Workshops gives you various options of single canvas painting, or group canvases to make a joint masterpiece! Be it individual artwork, family masterpiece or team building, we have it all covered in our Art Jamming Workshop.

Many exciting options await for you and your team to choose from to ensure the best team building experience, including customised workshops to curate a wonderful and unique experience here at EPIC Workshops' Art Jamming Singapore.

At EPIC, we ensure that everyone will have not just a good time, but an epic one. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on this therapeutic self-discovery experience today at our art jamming workshop and draw out the hidden artistic talent in yourself! 

At Epic Workshops Art Jamming Workshop, we have options such as painting a single large canvas together or piecing individual artworks into a giant masterpiece, whichever is comfortable for you! Our conducive environment allows for a chill yet entertaining bonding experience where each individual gets to express their own artistic styles within a team!

Experience Art Jamming Singapore with Epic Workshops today!

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Trusted by 1200+ Companies

From SMEs to MNCs and Government Agencies trust EPIC. We’ve engaged more than 860,000+ participants! Choose from our wide variety of 15 indoor team building activities.

Collaborative Art Singapore ―

Design a Masterpiece with Your Favorite People!

Epic Workshops ― Giving a whole new meaning to Collaborative Art in Singapore

Providing services to corporate teams, schools, parents … 

Making everything special and exciting from formal events to informal parties!

Collaborative Art by Epic Workshops in Singapore ― bringing everyone together by creative and fun activities like painting in a single canvas and creating a masterpiece with joint efforts

Whether you want to create a solo masterpiece or collaborate with your favorite team members, we have something for everyone. 

Bring your family members together, start bonding with your employees, give your students a motivational headstart ― all with the help of Collaborative Art Workshops by Epic Workshops. 

Don’t think too much … 

Don’t lose the opportunity to connect and bond with your team members with a range of exciting, artistic, fun, and creative team building activities in Singapore! 

Our activities are organized in a way that make every event [whether formal or informal] productive, interesting, and captivating. 

We also offer customized workshops and activities in that workshop to exhibit an experience that you have never had before. We have expertise and proficiency in bringing two or more than two people together. 

Want to plan some stress busters for your next big event? Get in touch with Epic Workshops now! 

What is Collaborative Art? 

Collaborative Art ― as the name suggests ― is a type of group activity that can be enjoyed by a large group of people in both formal and informal settings. 

Considered a great stress buster, Collaborative Art in Singapore is a therapeutic activity to unwind and release tensions after a long and tiring day at work, school, or generally in life.

Besides being a great stress reliever and therapy, Collaborative Art Workshops in Singapore is a trendy way to bridge the social gaps between team members, family members, or participants in any event such as seminars, birthdays, workshops, parties, and etc. 

Collaborative Art ― A Great Way to Resolve Conflicts 

Take your conflict management and resolution skills up a notch with Epic Workshops!

No matter how healthy, positive, and thriving a workplace or family setting is ― disagreements and conflicts are not something one can predict and certainly cannot avoid. 

In a way, disputes are a thing even in the most pessimistic of workplaces. 

Whatever the root of the issue is, if left unresolved or not paid attention to, disagreements can severely affect your teams’ morale, motivation, and productivity. 

Same is the case with family settings ― even if you feel that you are living among the most happy people, you never know what they are holding in. 

Collaborative Art in Singapore is a one-stop-shop for all your conflict resolution. 

Group Art Activities ― Best Icebreakers in Seminars and Parties 

Unleash the creative soul in you and your teammates ― let your artistic thoughts out! 

Introducing Collaborative Art activities in seminars can be a great tool to impress your boss for mid-level employees while team leads can use this as a strategy to comprehend the capabilities of their subordinates. 

Our promising activities help you create a conducive environment that can be great icebreakers for any event from family birthdays to corporate seminars. 

We incorporate a chill vibe where participants and attendees can bond in a productive and  entertaining way… 

The best part is ―- everyone gets equal opportunity to express themselves with the help of brushes, colors, and canvases!

What Makes Us a Number One Choice?

  • Trusted by more than 1200 institutions 
  • Worked with more than 860,000 participants 
  • More than 15 indoor team bonding strategies 
  • Trusted by many small and medium business 
  • Multinational corporations are our clients 
  • Worked with Singaporean authorities 

Connect, Create, and Concoct ― Get Rid of Mental and Emotional Strain … 

What to Expect From Collaborative Art Workshops?  

More than a creative space, Art Jamming is a great opportunity to explore yourself and your teammates … 

If you ask us to arrange a team bonding session with Collaborative Art Workshop, you can expect wonders from our trained professionals. We usually kickstart the event with a small overview on basic painting techniques and using painting equipment to achieve maximum level of creativity. 

Not only our professionals engage with the participants in a friendly manner, they are also trained to focus on untapped creativity of the participants. 

Feel the Fun in Collaborative Art Singapore by Contacting Epic Workshops Today!

Collaborative Art in Team Building 

With Art Jamming Sessions, we boast opportunities like no other.  

Book from our dozens of indoor Collaborative Art activities including 

  • Collaborative painting 
  • Art Mashup 
  • Collecting several artworks into single masterpiece 

Do this and much more  to connect with people you care about and want to build relations with


At Art Jamming Singapore by Epic Workshops, you will be provided with all the necessary materials required for painting your artwork such as paintbrushes, canvas, paint, apron, etc.

It is perfectly fine to attend the art jamming workshop without any prior art experience as our friendly facilitators will be there to guide and assist you along the way during this 1.5-2hours session.


Painting in our Art Jamming Workshop can be both fun as a collective group work and also soothing as an individual masterpiece.

Moreover, painting can also be a training of patience and attention to details.

You will not only discover your potential in art but have an epic time as well with your family, friends and colleagues.


Through EPIC’s art jamming session, you let your imagination take hold as you express your ideas onto the blank canvas. By the end of the workshop, you will get to admire and take home your unique art piece.

Most importantly, you will have an enjoyable and relaxing time with your family or friends here at Art Jamming Singapore by Epic Workshops!


art jamming singapore
art jamming singapore
art jamming singapore


art jamming workshop
Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore
Corporate Art Jamming Singapore

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Epic Workshops for your team building or private event? 

Customer’s satisfaction is always important to us. We focus on three key aspects, and a motto, for every event that we hold. Learn - to ensure that participants can learn new knowledge, Create - for participants to have a wholesome hands-on experience on their craft, and Bond - to foster camaraderie between friends, colleagues and loved ones. 

Our motto? To ensure everyone has an EPIC good time during our workshops.

Competitive Pricing. Holding an event need not necessarily burn a hole in your wallet. Our workshops are priced competitively, without compromising on quality! Trained Instructors. Our instructors are SCFP certified under our rigorous training program conducted in-house, setting high standards for every event and need.

Where will Art Jamming Workshop be held at? 

Workshops can be held at our studio or your location of choice. We are located just 2mins walk away from Marymount MRT(CC16). We’re based at MAPEX Building, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-10 (s)577177!

I’m interested in the workshops. How do I make a booking?

For workshops booking/reservations of slots, kindly contact us at [email protected] with the following information:

1. Preferred workshop

2. Date & Time, Venue of your choice

3. Number of participantsWe will try to accommodate to your preferred date and time and will get back to you as soon as we can.

What age group is Art Jamming Workshop suitable for?

Our workshops are for the young and young at heart as our trainers are trained to conduct for various age groups. However, we would like to encourage parental supervision for our younger participants aged 3-7 onwards.

What is the minimum number of pax to start the workshop?

A minimum of 5 pax is required to start the workshop. Should you have lesser participants, let us know and we’ll try to host a public workshop for you! 

Our rates

For our rates, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] or call/whatsapp us at (+65) 8150 8866. 

Where are you located in Singapore?

We are located at MAPEX Building, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-10 (s)577177.

Who do you organize Collaborative Art Workshops for?

Kids, teens, or adults ― creativity knows no boundaries. 

We arrange activities for everyone from corporate employees to school-going children. 

Note: For kids between 3-7 years, we highly recommend parental involvement or the presence of a familiar adult.

How much do you charge for Collaborative Art Workshops in Singapore?

Our rates vary from the theme of the event and the size of the group. We disclose rates only when the required information about the event is provided. For further information, you can get in touch with us at: 

Email address: [email protected]

Contact/WhatApp Number: (+65) 8150 8866.

What if I want to arrange a close event?  

Close events are our speciality. 

Birthday parties, Christmas parties, adult-child connecting events, and much more.

Do you provide art equipment?

Yes. All the equipment for the workshop and art pieces are provided by us.

How to keep my creative piece safe at home?

Taking special precautions for your creative piece is extremely important. 

It is quite simple. Just clear off the dirt from the canvas regularly with a clean cloth and soft hands. Store it in a neutral environment. Keep it away from the reach of small children and pets.

Do you do private events like Hen's Party or Birthdays? 

Yes we do Hen’s party, birthdays, parent-child bonding and many more!

Can Epic Workshops Art Jamming sessions be customised to your needs?

Yes! Other than our standard sessions, we also offer services catered to our customer’s needs to provide them with a more satisfactory experience.

What can I expect from the workshop?

Our professional trainers will start off the workshop with a presentation to equip participants with the basic painting techniques. We will teach participants on how to create their desired effects on canvas. Fret not, we will customise our presentation according to the audience be it students or adults. Following which, we will begin with the hands-on session and each participant will get to bring home their own masterpiece. 

Do I need to bring my own materials?

No, all the materials such as paint brushes, paint, canvas and aprons will be provided. The only thing you need to bring will be yourself! 

What if I have no prior art experience?

We believe that everyone should have the right to create art, so we welcome people of all backgrounds and ages with or without art experience! If you are unsure on how to express your ideas on canvas, our friendly art facilitators will be there to guide you!

How to care for my art canvas?

Dust off the art canvas occasionally to prevent dust or other foreign particles from sticking on to the canvas. For a comprehensive and thorough guide on how to care for your art canvas and how to store them, visit theartling's guide here.

Where do you organize Collaborative Art Workshops?

Your place or our place ― we do it both! 

We have a fully-equipped studio where you and your team can step in and create a masterpiece together. We also provide services at your doorstep.

What is the process of making a reservation?

For Collaborative Art or any other activities, making a reservation is completely hassle-free. You can contact us at our email address below:

[email protected] 

Make sure to add following information: 

  • Type of workshop 

  • Details of the event 

  • Schedule details of the event

  • Venue

  • Quantity of attendees

What is the minimum number of people to start a workshop?

We need a minimum of 5 participants for private workshops. If you have a lesser number of participants, we would love to invite you to our public events.

Do you provide customized events as per individuals requirements?

Our workshops and art sessions are highly customizable.

What if I don’t know anything about painting and art?

Fret not! We don’t judge and we don’t let anyone judge either. 

You don’t need to be an artist to create with us. While art experience is not necessary to create your art piece with us.


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