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Team Building Craft Workshops in Singapore

Epic Workshops’ series of team bonding workshops have been crafted to deliver an exciting, interactive and unforgettable teambuilding experience for companies from all industries of all sizes. From Art Jamming, Soap Crafting and Stamp Making, we have team bonding activities of all sorts for businesses in Singapore.

All of our workshops are conducted by skilled professionals who have years of experience in the field.

Click here to view our extensive list of team building activities in Singapore.

Epic Workshops ― Singapore’s Most Famous Hub for Corporate Bonding Programs 

How to Get Epic Results From Your Employees? Book a Slot With Epic Workshops for Holding Group Bonding Exercises! 

Planning to Take Your Corporate Team to a Whole New Level? Book a slot for team building activities in Singapore

Getting baffled each time your representatives perform under assumptions isn’t something new for a corporate leader. 

As a matter of fact, the most magnificent element of team building exercises in Singapore is that they go about as an apparatus to bring everyone on the same goal. It ties them in an uncommon bond ― that cannot be easily broken. 

What is Team Bonding and Why is it So Important? 

Group work and team bonding in Singapore, or anyplace in the universe happens when everybody [from founders to down level representatives] meet up and take care of an issue as a team ― they learn together, expand together, and bond together. 

Make an Impact With Group Building and Team Bonding Exercises 

Epic Workshops is the first thought to fly into everyone’s mind although there are a couple of spots in this country where these programs take place … 

So… What makes us different?

Everything to Know About Group Building and Team Bonding Exercises in Singapore

Group building and team bonding activities ensure that all the individuals from one group are working towards the same goal. They connect with each other, share problems, and expand their knowledge together. 

We accept that when your colleagues are solid and they have no disagreements among  them, it can help you as a leader on several occasions. You can easily deliver the results and make them understand something new. 

  • The leaders can identify the weaknesses and strengths of their team members 
  • Managers can look into the grey areas and try to eradicate them 
  •  You can give Group Building and Team Bonding Activities a whole new level of excitement and innovation 

Plan Disingenuous and Innovative Team Bonding Activities with Epic Workshops 

Need a friend to plan out your next corporate team building activities in Singapore ― someone who understands the pain points and helps your employees bring them on the same page? 

Do you need somebody to make your mother’s birthday extraordinary? 

There are a thousand problems and Epic Workshops is your only solution! We are here to assist you with setting up the huge experience of your life. 

Group Building & Fringe Exercises 

Our group holding exercises are deliberately created to help everybody experience something they have never envisioned. Putting an emphasis on intelligence, creativity, and team bonding, we assist you with making things that get printed on everyone’s mind. 

We assist small and medium size businesses to achieve their goals greater, faster, and better by emphasizing on their employees’ productivity and motivation. Our programs are especially designed to enhance workplace energy and increase the bonding by manifolds. 

Unique Social/Family Events & Parties 

Other than corporate arrangements, offices, and schools, team bonding activities are a great element for bringing everyone close in the family.

We help you plan exercises for each unique event in Singapore ― whether it is a birthday party or anniversary, our activities help people connect everywhere. Epic Workshops adds love, pleasure, and learning into each occasion. 

Adding Learning, Pleasure, and Joy in the Every Setting  

Team Building Activities in Singapore can help you in more than one different ways: 

  • Your team members and associated get understand the purpose and goals in a quicker and better way 
  • You get to the core of the group and comprehend their difficulties in every day work 
  • Your build a level of comfort with everyone and get to know them better

Experience Better Outcomes With Epic Workshops 

A group bonding exercise can establish a positive and growth intensive environment that supports every participant and make them independent. Regardless of whether you are arranging the activity for your family or office team, or you need to present another idea in front of the students, we help you deliver the message in a clearer and faster voice.  

Enjoyable Exercises for Team Bonding in Singapore ― The Courtesy of Epic Workshops

We frequently see our colleagues sitting in a desk area composing something on the screen ― some of them we know while some of them are absolute outsiders to us. 

So, the beauty of group bonding exercises is that workers can see each other in an alternate setting and converse with fun exercises and energizing games. It causes them to build up a more clear image of what their fellows are doing and comprehend their abilities better. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the relationship between team building activities and employee motivation? 

The most amazing aspect about group building and team bonding exercises is that these encourage administration, socialization, and help individuals set boundaries between productive socialization and personal socialization. 

Does group building exercise only help in team bonding and making friends?

A great deal of specialists accept that making companions at a working environment is probably the most ideal methods of formal socialization and lift profitability level in the workplace. In addition to the fact that it creates a positive climate permits the representatives to loosen up in the wake of a monotonous day at work. 

At the point when you have companions at a working environment, you can cooperate with them and offer your everyday challenges with them. 

Group building doesn’t just expand spirit in the workplace, yet it likewise permits the individuals at office to feel more secure, approved, and esteemed. 

What is the best and ideal opportunity for organizations to hold a team building exercise in Singapore? 

Holding a team building exercise is not about time or schedule. We don’t  expect you to design an alternate time and hold all the significant work down. These activities may be arranged in any considerable time and date ― in a meeting, conference, or just small breaks.  Each session only lasts for 1 or 1.5 hour ― so you don’t need to designate a day. On the other hand, if you want it to be an efficient and arranged occasion, you can designate a day and give us a call. 

Regardless, Epic Workshops is consistently at your service. We are prepared to give you all the fundamentals you require to transform it into fun movement. 

What is the connection between group bonding and motivation? 

Group building exercises in Singapore are particularly designed to improve the motivation level since they are based on increasing productivity and communication among employees. 

Get to Know Us Better 

If you are still wondering whether or not you should give us a call ― then hear this out

We help your team set a mission by bringing them close. If your team doesn’t have a goal, it means they are throwing arrows in the air without any aim. 

Goals give you worth and bring you accomplishments that you’ve never imagined before. 

So… how can we help you achieve the mission of your company?

  • We have the correct devices and procedures to expand human potential. 
  • Wide list of exercises for group building and team bonding 
  • Deriving positive energy from your team members 
  • Group building and preparing programs for everyone in your team and family 
  • Useful exercises and creative apparatuses to achieve outcomes

Our Location

By Public Transport:

Take Exit B from Marymount MRT and walk towards MAPEX building. Proceed to the third floor via the lift and exit through 2 doors on the right to the carpark. We are located right at the end!

By Car:

Upon reaching MAPEX building, take the second carpark entrance and drive up to the third floor. We are located at the left corner of the floor!