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Want a refreshing concept for your next team building activity? A great activity that you can work together with your colleagues and teammates, at the same time have a lot of fun together through music – try out our Music Jamming Workshops!

Under the broad term of music jamming, there are various music-related workshops that you can immerse yourself in and learn musical skills along the way. We’ll be sharing some music jamming workshops for you and your colleagues to have fun during your next team building event.

1. Guitar Workshop Singapore

Team Building Singapore. Guitar Workshop Singapore. Photo by on Unsplash

Strum away every day’s stresses of life with EPIC Workshops Guitar Workshop! In this workshop, you will learn a little or two on musical theory and will be introduced to the basics of learning guitar, including strumming techniques and playing popular pop-songs upon request! The team building element comes in where participants will be performing as a team based on what they have learnt during the workshop. You’ll be a guitar prodigy in no time.

2. Beatboxing Team Building Workshop Singapore

Team Building Workshop Singapore | Photo by Jason Rosewell for Unsplash

Don’t want to invest in a musical instrument? Then replicate these sounds using your own voice! Master the art of beatboxing, where you’ll get to showcase your amazing abilities to make music through the power of your voice. Anyone can do beatboxing, and it just takes practice to master it. Here at EPIC Workshops, you’ll be sure to have an epic good time bonding with your friends through beatboxing.

3. Stomp Music Percussion Team Building Workshop Singapore

Stomp Percussion Team Building | Photo by: Hong Kong Tatler

This a great alternative to making music using your voice. If you don’t want to invest in musical instruments, using everyday items is a great solution! Not only you are being extremely environmentally friendly, you’ll have a lot of fun bonding together, making music using everyday recyclables like aluminium cans and paper boxes.

4. Ukelele Team Building Workshop Singapore 

Ukelele Team Building Workshop Singapore | Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Need a less bulky option than a guitar? Then try strumming along with a Ukelele! Relatively simpler than guitars, the ukelele is a top favourite amongst beginners! Similar to that of our guitar workshops, the ukelele workshop will allow participants to learn all about the basics of ukelele and some music theory to help you kick-start the workshop!

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