Virtual team building workshops

for work from home teams in singapore

Team Building sessions made easy with Epic Workshops' Virtual Team Building Workshops.

Don't let COVID-19 be a hindrance to your annual team building sessions. Following the circuit breaker measures imposed in Singapore, we bring your favourite workshops online so that you can enjoy Virtual Team Building Workshops at the comforts & safety of your own homes.

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    suitable for any virtual experiences

    √ virtual birthday parties 

    √ lunch meetings

    √ wellness sessions

    √ online gatherings with family & friends

    Stay connected with your loved ones through Virtual Team Building Workshops by Epic Workshops.

    Let us help you

    √ stay connected with your colleagues 

    √ improve employee's morale

    √ increase collaboration & togetherness


    Our virtual team building workshop experiences is designed to engage and motivate your employees and colleagues.

    Your virtual team building experience starts now

    virtual team building Workshop experiences for remote teams in singapore

    Looking for ways to engage your colleagues this circuit breaker? We have a wide variety of craft workshop experiences for you to choose from! All you need is a device that allows you to connect with your colleagues online.

    Epic Workshops has the largest variety of virtual craft team building workshop experiences for remote teams in Singapore!

    Terrarium Making
    Online Workshop 

    Art Jamming
    Online Workshop

    Tote Bag Painting
    Online Workshop

    Leather Crafting
    Online Workshop

    Clay Making
    Online Workshop

    Tiles Painting
    Online Workshop

    Your Virtual Team Building Experience Is Ready In 4 Simple Steps!


    Browse our list of Stay Home Experience Kits you would like to do as a team!

    From Terrarium Making to Art Jamming, we have a wide variety of activities that you & your colleagues can try out!


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    The experience kits will be prepared and delivered by us to ensure highest care for your experience kits till it reaches your doorstep.

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    You're now ready to have an EPIC Virtual Team Building Workshop!

    With the online platform of choice, our instructors will be there to host & guide the participants for a wholesome experience!

    For Enquiries On Virtual Team Building Workshops 

    For any enquiries on our DIY Stay Home Experience Kits in Singapore, kindly drop us an email at [email protected] / call +(+65) 8150 8866 or simply fill in the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

      FAQ On Virtual Workshops

      1. What is an Virtual Team Building Workshop?

      Epic Workshops Virtual Team Building Workshops are designed based on our craft workshop experiences. These are designed to ensure that participants are able to join our popular workshops at the comforts of their own homes.

      2. Why is there a need for Virtual Workshops?

      Due to the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, most of us are working remotely from home instead of in office. Working from home might cause employees to lose morale, dwell in self isolation and perhaps might take a toll on their mental health. 

      At Epic Workshops Online Workshops, we aim to counter that by bringing the EPIC fun team building experiences to you, without compromising on your safety.

      3. What is the Virtual Workshop suitable for?

      Our online workshops are suitable for various occasions & events, including and not limited to: corporate team building for remote teams in Singapore,  virtual lunch meetings, online birthday parties, virtual date ideas, friends and family get-togethers and many more. Talk to us & we'll customise something for you!

      4. How do I sign up for the Virtual Workshops?

      Indicate your interest in the contact form or simply reach out to us directly via call or whatsapp at (+65) 8150 8866. We will be able to advise you accordingly.

      5. How do I prepare for the Virtual Workshop?

      To prepare yourself for the virtual workshop, ensure you have a device with internet access. Protect your tables with old newspapers or plastic sheets to minimise mess!

      6. Can I buy an ala-carte kit without a Virtual Workshop?

      If you do not require virtual facilitation, our kits come with handy guides & video resources! Browse to explore kits & find out more.