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Here at EPIC Workshops, we have over 20 unique fringe activities to offer! Besides the conventional activities like face painting and glitter tattoos, we offer more unique choices such as shrink art, sun catchers and pyssla bead making. These activities will thus allow your guests to bring back a memorabilia from your event and the making process (+final result) is definitely Instagram-worthy.

Shrink Art

Take the innocuous plastic and transform it to art! After plastic sheets are heated or baked, they then shrink under the heat and harden. As such, designs are first drawn and coloured on plastic sheets before they are placed in ovens to be shrunk. It is fascinating to see how the flimsy plastic becomes a work of art!


Stamp Art

Create an art piece simply by using stamps! This fringe activity is easy and fast, allowing event-goers to make their own simple cards or decorative work to bring back home. Have a customised event stamp to highlight your event!

Fringe Activity

Stamp Art

Pyssla Beads

These beads can be transformed to a masterpiece just like LEGO blocks. Form your favourite characters with these beads and let your creativity run wild!

unique fringe activities

Pyssla Beads

Besides these activities, we have other fringe activities to offer for your party, store opening or carnival. Check out our main page here to see our full offerings and past events.

Do contact us at [email protected] for more information! 🙂

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