Top 5 Misconceptions on Art Jamming

You must’ve already learnt what Art Jamming is from our previous article (here). In basic terms, Art Jamming is the combination of art and music together. While on the surface it may seem quite obvious what it’s all about, a lot of people out there actually formed their own perceptions on Art Jamming, leading to certain misconceptions. In this article, the team at EPIC Workshops will be bunking those myths about art jamming, so you won’t be so intimidated by it!

Photo by Muhammad Raufan Yusup on Unsplash

Misconception #1: You need to be artsy.


While Art Jamming places emphasis on creating art masterpieces, there is no need to be artsy or have a background in Art! Here at EPIC Workshops, we have an in-house artist that will guide you on the Art process. Before the actual art jamming session itself, participants will be briefed on the basic art theory and some basic brush stroke techniques that participants would want to adopt in their paintings – thus debunking the myth that Art Jamming requires you to be artsy. All you need is an open mind, and let your creativity flow on your canvas.

Misconception #2: It is difficult & certainly impossible to bond with your peers while Art Jamming.


We believe that this misconception is derived from the fact that perhaps participants would be engrossed in their respective artworks, thus leaving no room for team building. While it’s a good thing that the participants are focused, ultimately at some point or another, participants will seek help from their peers on painting! We’ve seen this multiple times, and we’re glad that participants are able to lend a helping hand to friends in need.

At the end of the day, depending on your art jamming package, participants will get to put together their individual paintings to form one big picture. So, it’s safe to say that this is the largest teambuilding portion for the workshop!

A storytelling session might also be part of the workshop, where participants will be able to share how their paintings relate and represent their team adequately!

Misconception #3: Music is a distraction, preventing me from creating my art!


While some participants might find that the music is a distraction, we believe that music is a crucial factor that forms Art Jamming. Otherwise, the workshop would be known as a painting class instead! Its also proven that music helps to stimulate thinking and creativity, thus enhancing the quality of your art pieces instead of it being a distraction!

Choices of music selections are available upon request, so let us know your genre and we’ll be more than happy to play the selected songs for you.

Misconception #4: You’d probably be ostracised if you’re not good at art.


Again, we’d like to emphasize that you don’t necessarily have to be good at art to join EPIC Workshops’  Art Jamming Workshop! Here at EPIC Workshops, we promote inclusivity and believe that no one should be left behind to fully enjoy the Art Jamming experience.

We have our in-house artists and facilitators to guide those who require assistance during the session! Don’t worry.

Misconception #5: There is no serious techniques being taught. Participants are just here to have fun!

To kickstart the workshop, our in-house artist will go through a little art theory (introduction of the colour wheel as well as brush stroke techniques). While these are ‘legit’ art techniques, at the end of the day,  we leave it up to participants whether they  want to adopt these techniques in their masterpieces!

An Art Jamming session with EPIC Workshops promises a whole lot of fun, laughter and team bonding goodness.

To engage us for an Art Jamming session, or want to know more about the workshop, feel free to contact EPIC Workshops at [email protected] or speak to us at (+65) 6355 0329 or (+65) 8150 8866. We look forward to hearing from you!

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