A Team Building Proposal Singapore Checklist

Part of the planning commitee for your company’s retreat/ team building event? Let us help you out with this curated team building proposal checklist so that you’re all set and ready for the planning, all that’s left is your management’s approval. Sit back and read on!

A basic proposal should optimally contain the following:

  1. Objectives
  2. Timeline / Programme Flow
  3. Budget
  4. Review

1. Team Building Proposal Objectives

It’s crucial and important to set smart and clear goals for your retreat. It could be something simple: to boost employee’s morale, to de-stress, to bond together to work efficiently, to inculcate problem-solving skills amongst employees. Outlining an objective also helps you streamline the type of activities and programmes that you will include in your proposal!

2. Team Building Proposal Timeline / Programme Flow

Team Building Proposal Singapore

To seek approval, its important to outline the type of activities and programmes. Each and every activities and programmes will defer in timing, thus, a timeline and programme flow would be essential in your proposal. At EPIC Workshops, our workshops are highly customizable to fit your needs. Should you have any specific time requirements for our workshops, do let us know and we’ll do just that.

3. Budget

Again, before embarking on your team building, its important to set aside a budget for approval! Let us know your preferred budget for us to recommend a suitable workshop for your team building needs!

4. Review

Team Building Proposal Singapore

Are the objectives met at the end of your team building session? Was it feasible? In this review section, perhaps you and your colleagues can evaluate the success of the team building session by providing feedback. This review section can also determine if its necessary to hold another team building session in the near future!


For corporates interested in team building workshops, EPIC Workshops has both indoor and outdoor team building workshops for corporates in Singapore. The above is a simplified basic proposal. Let us know if you need any help! Contact EPIC Workshops at 6355 0329 or 8150 8866.

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