Photo Essay: Leather Workshops at EPIC

Ever wondered what goes behind our leather crafting workshops at EPIC Workshops Singapore? Since pictures speak a thousand words, here’s a photo essay which will give you an idea of how a typical leather crafting workshop at EPIC looks like!

Leather Crafting Singapore

NOT YOUR TYPICAL SAFETY BRIEFING: Pictured here is our leather-craft instructor Celine. She is sharing with the participants about her finger, which unfortunately cannot be elaborated further unless you attend our workshops! While we have an EPIC good time, its always important to put safety first! Before every leather workshop, the instructor will conduct a safety briefing to remind participants to take care of themselves.

WHOLE LOTTA TOOLS:  A whole lot of leather tools will be provided for participants usage during the leather craft workshop! Though it looks pretty complicated, rest assured that the tools will be introduced by the instructor of the workshop. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, don’t be shy!

KNOCK KNOCK EVERYONE’s HERE: Our leather crafting workshops can actually get a little noisy, especially since you’ll be using tools to customise your leather. Be prepared! Alternatively, if you don’t like the sound of that, do bring your headphones along. 

Leather Crafting Singapore


After participants are done making their own leather products, they will then proceed to the instructor’s table. There, they will further personalize their leather craft! On the instructor’s table, a set of tools like hammer and carved alphabetical stamps will be available. Participants can use these to stamp their leather artwork with their names or their initials depending on their preference.

HAPPY LEATHER ARTISANS: Happy participants with their widest smiles as they flaunt their completed leather products. At the end of the leather crafting workshop session, do remember to take a team photo and post on your social media. While you’re at it, tag us at and stand a chance to get your photos featured on our Instagram or Facebook page.

For more enquiries on our workshops,  contact us at [email protected]!

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