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Online Team Building Workshops is the in thing now, since everyone is working from home. We want employees, colleagues, co-workers to remain their best form and not let this ordeal  affect their morale. We want to leverage on the use of technology and internet to bring our team building workshops online. Working online or remotely is the norm now, so what better way to engage your colleagues through Online Team Building Sessions?

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Benefits Of Online Team Building Workshops

Various problems can arise while working from home. It is important to engage in team building for the following benefits.

Psychological Safety

A study by Google has shown that one of the most important factors that influences a high performance team is psychological safety. What is psychological safety? It is a shared belief that team members can take risks, ask for help, and not be afraid of looking foolish or bringing up difficult issues.

In our current work from home scenario, attempting to achieve this safety is even more difficult since there is no face-to-face interaction. Bosses worry if their staff are working up to standard and employees worry if their bosses acknowledge the work they do.

Improving Employee Morale

When we work remotely, it is very natural for us to fall into silos because of the lack of interaction. Meetings will start to shrink to include only those who are essential to increase productivity, outcasting those who are not involved. Those who are left out might feel a sense of inferiority, lowering their morale.

Ultimately, if these problems persist, employees will lose the sense of belonging in the organisation and start to consider venturing elsewhere. We must treasure our employees and not treat or exploit them as mere workers or manpower to get things done. Conversely, we should perceive them as human beings who requires social interaction and build good rapport amongst them.

Improving Mental Well-Being

To combat these challenges, we have come up with a new series of online workshops. Our aim is to boost the morale of our employees even if they are working remotely from home, lacking the necessary interaction and bonding with fellow co-workers. Facing the computer screen does not has to be mundane and consistently repetitive with checkboxes of tasks to clear by the end of the day.

At our online workshops, everyone will get to learn a new skill while at the same time bond over a session of fun and laughter with fellow colleagues. We will introduce team building elements into our workshops to get everyone to work together towards a common task. Not only does online workshops help to boost the morale of employees, it can improve the mental-wellbeing of them too. Taking breaks from our daily tasks is necessary.

Studies have proven that co-workers who get to bond together over activities have improved productivity. Maintaining or improving their mental-wellbeing  is crucial because we want to prevent burn out. This detrimental outcome will make them lose their focus and will to accomplish which ultimately decreases the quality of work produced.

Popular Online Team Building Choices

At Epic Workshops, we offer a variety of workshops to suit everyones’ needs. Ranging from getting your green fingers going to getting you started to being an artisan, we have terrarium-making workshops and leather-crafting workshops to name a few.

The  terrarium-making workshop  teaches us about the importance of greenery and how a plant can sustain itself within an enclosed environment. We will provide a theory lesson on how plants can survive without the need to water them often and let you know the processes that take place in the enclosed environment. The purpose of every ingredients will be explained too.

At the end of the day, you will receive a terrarium that you hand-made yourselves and watch it grow. The terrarium will be a suitable addition to your work desk. Not only that, looking at it instills a sense of tranquility and peace which helps to counter the daily stress from work.






At our leather-making workshop, you will learn to make different types of leather products such as a key fob, coin pouch or an AirPods case. We provide all necessary equipment like cutting board, pens, cutters and buttons needed to make the perfect leather product. These leather crafts are practical and you will get to use it in your everyday lives.

Not to worry if you are a beginner as everyone will be taught the basics and learn together as a group. Choose your favourite colour from our leather pieces and start begin to unleash your inner-artisan at our workshop today!

Our art jamming workshop is suitable for the artistic ones. You will get to draw and paint on canvases provided by us. We will provide paints of many different colours too.

We can plan to get everyone paint their individual pieces and when offices reopen, everyone can bring their masterpieces along and portray it in your workplaces to spice up the atmosphere.

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