Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore

Art Jamming Workshop In Singapore

With a rising demand in Art & Crafts industry for leisure and team building, EPIC Workshops launched our Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore! Art Jamming is a therapeutic activity which offers a stress-relieving, fun, and enjoyable painting session for beginners and artists at heart.

In this article, we will share some possible frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) for Art Jamming.

1. What happens in a typical EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop? Programme flow?

During our Art Jamming Session, participants will get an introduction to simple art theory. They will then be introduced to various painting techniques that they can incorporate into their canvasses. Depending on the size of the venue, participants will be painting their masterpieces on tables and chairs or easels just for an artist experience.

A typical art jamming session will roughly take 2-2.5hours inclusive of briefing and drying of canvasses.

2. What are the options available for EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore?

Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore

EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop – Family Package

EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop – Individual Paintings Package

EPIC Workshops Art Jamming Workshops are flexible and can be customized according to your objectives. We have Art Jamming Workshops suitable for individuals for a stress-free painting experience. Secondly, we also have Team Building Art Jamming Workshops available for corporates for their annual retreat where they can either be grouped into various groups and each group paints a big canvas. Lastly, for smaller groups, each participant can paint one smaller part of a big picture – so when their canvasses are joined together, they will form a nice big picture!

EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop – Team Building Package

3. Where can EPIC Workshops’ Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore be held at? Venue?

EPIC Workshops Art Jamming Workshop in Singapore can be conducted in our air-conditioned, fully furnished studio. Otherwise, workshops can be held at your own venue! If you are unsure if your venue is suitable, do drop us a message at [email protected] We offer both in-house or off-site locations for your selection.

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